Atzavara, Santa Susanna


Project Title:                         Atzavara Hotel

Location :                             Santa Susanna, Barcelona. 

Structural engineer:             Nolac Engineers

Installations engineer           JSS

Technical Architects.            Yolanda Vat. 

Project Director                   Patricia Aragon

Interior Design Dir.              Olga Pajares

Collaborators                      Myriam Gonzalez, Gerard Oliveras,  Núria Hernández, 

Photos:                                Adria Goula


Architecture must be understood as a dialogue.

The dialogue that is established both between the object and the viewer and between the parts of the same object.

L'Atzavara is therefore conceived as the result of the dialogue between a building of colossal dimensions, with more than 200 m of facade, and 45,000 m2 constructed, the uses and programs that are established in each part, and the experience of the visitor . .

This is why, on the one hand, the architecture does not try to hide the scale of the building, and speaking the language of modern summer architecture that so well defines the Mediterranean. White, concrete, lattices and slats organize 7 blocks that configure a world in itself, which allows the passage of light, air and visuals in the separations between them..

In front of this, a varied program appears: restaurants, rooms, bars, Spa, meetings... which are developed as small stages with a scenography with its own theme that does not ignore the place where they are, nor their own personality . , create a bridge between the experience and the place.

An invisible thread connects each of these scenographies. The round path

A path that along the coast unites experiences with a common element, the place.

So, along this path we will find the beach, with the meeting between the sea and the sand; a meadow of posidonia at the bottom of the sea, full of fishermen's handles; a market where you can enjoy the colors and flavors of fresh produce; a carnival, the pine forests and the sand dunes; the agaves... Each of these places is represented to a greater or lesser extent in the different scenarios sheltered by the Acacia building; all different, and at the same time all united by a thread that can grow and grow over the years.


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