Hotel a Santa Susanna, Barcelona


Project Title:                         Atzavara Hotel

Location :                             Santa Susanna, Barcelona. 

Structural engineer:             Nolac Engineers

Installations engineer           JSS

Technical Architects.            Yolanda Vat. 

Collaborators                      Patricia Aragon, Myriam Gonzalez, Olga Pajares, Gerard Oliveras,                                                     Núria Hernández, Laura Ribas

Photos:                                Adria Goula


Everything in Atzavara is Big, 40.000m2, 455 rooms, 3 Restaurants, a convention center, 6 swimming pools… 

Set in the coast of Barcelona, Atzavara is a location by itself. Divided in 6 blocks that breaks the uniformity of a 200m façade. The project analyzes modern day tourism, understanding the need of individualism on mass tourism, stablishing a dialog between Mediterranean architecture, and the need to explain a story of interior design.

With a rotund architecture, defined by the 6 elements than defines the building, and the spaces that the gaps in between the parts generates, the building is defined by the contrasts between the white stucco, the concrete structure, the zinc roof, and the concrete blinds that provides privacy on the terraces. 

Inside, the interior design acknowledges the dimension of the building, and generates a row of spaces designed as scenarios in dialog with the totality, where materials, colors and elements are chosen to work in contrast with the total. 


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