Port Segur de Calafell, Calafell


This project was developed working for alonso Balaguer y arquitectos asociados. For more information, please check their web address www.alonsobalaguer.com

Wow… that was a hell of a project! Developed on the beach itself, this transformation of an obsolete sports harbour into a modern infrastructure allowed us to design and construct 10 commercial buildings spread around a public square set just by the sea. We used the concept of ship containers to arrange groups of several elements defining each building, all of them covered by aluminium trellises.

3 colours (red, yellow and blue) are used on the front façade of each element, whereas rough corrugated aluminium sheets are used on the side. All this generates a very different kind of view, depending on the position of the observer, alternating from bright colours to grey.

Photos : Pedro Pegenaute

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