Hotel ME Sitges By Meliã, Sitges



Collaborators : Aleix Naudó, Yaiza Diaz, Guillem Camps, Nora Balcells


Technical Architect: Josep Maria Coll 

Acoustic engineer : I2A

Structural engineer : Bac engineering

Installations engineer: Grupo IPI


Photos - Adrià Goula. 




The site could not be better

In front of the sea, at the end of a promenade. 

The history of tourism on the Catalan coast could be summed up by the scars left behind by the Hotel Terramar.  An original structure from the Belle Époque, intended to be an exclusive hotel for the first travellers, expanded later in the 60s to become an unrecognisable monstrosity designed for mass tourism. 

The complete update of the Terramar has tried to bring a third life to it - rethinking how tourism is understood today, in an exercise of simplification, order and unification.



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